Sunday, June 4, 2006

Been awhile

I know, I konw, Its been a while and I knoe you all (well the two of you that actually read this thing have probably missed me, but I'm back. I don't know how all you bloggers out there do it. Its so hard to keep this baby up.

Here's the deal. The Song Bird got here first real order this week. Woohoo! sure it was for my cousin, and sure I'm not actually making any money on it, but she did ask me to build a photo announcement for her instead of the other way around. So all week I have been busy with that and let me tell you what, it was so fun to do. I love the new job that I built for myself, I hope that someday soon I will actually have more real orders. I just can't wait anyway. Anyway here is the finished project:

This is the front

and this is the back: