Friday, January 25, 2013

A letter to my son on the worst day of his life...

Oh Max, my dear one, today on the way home from school you just had to use some of my chapstick.  Your lips were so dry you were sure you were near death. Unfortunately for you, you also got some chapstick in your mouth. Now you were convinced that you were one step closer to tragedy with the inevitable chap stick poisoning.  Finally in desperation you pronounced, "This is the worst chap stick day of my life." I tried to show sympathy, but I have to say that the worst day of your life happens quite regularly.

You my wild boy have always lived in terms of extremes. If we are having a hard day and I proclaim a boundary like no TV or no friends, your response will always be with despair, "FOREVER!?!" In your world there is no "a little bit" or "just a while." There is no moderation. Although it does give your dad and I a good laugh these days I do hope that as you grow you will learn that there is a middle ground, and that its ok to meet there once in awhile.

I do really love it though when the worst day of your life starts to show improvement and you pronounce that it has miraculously changed into the best day day of your life. I truly hope your best days will always outnumber your worst days.