Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mason's Baptisms

I've fallen behind on my record keeping as of late, at first it was because I was busy, but then after I was busy there was just so much catching up to do that I've been putting it off. First I need to write about Mason's baptism. It was such a nice day. We started by talking a lot about baptism in our family nights leading up to the big day. We even had one night where we just practiced the proper dunking procedure. As the day approached I felt like Mason had a pretty good understanding of things and he was excited for a day that was all about him. We were lucky enough to have my mom and dad come up for the weekend. It was great to have them. The baptism was very nice. Papa Jim gave a talk on baptism and told about what he remembered about being baptized when he was eight. He was baptized in the font at the Salt Lake tabernacle. Then he told about how my Grandma Pauline was baptized. He explained that in the small town where she grew up they baptized all the kids that had turned eight in a year on the same day in August. My poor grandma's birthday was in September and she really wanted to be baptized, so she got special permission and was baptized in a lake after she turned eight. I remember her telling this story when I was little and it was sweet to hear my dad telling it to Mason. Grandma Marie then gave a nice talk on the Holy Ghost, telling Mason what a gift it was.