Sunday, October 16, 2011

Favorite memories

A few days ago I asked the kids what their favorite memories were.

Mason said it was the day that we brought Sasha home. For those of you that have not met the newest addition to the family let me introduce you to Miss Sasha.
(Holding still isn't really her thing so getting a good picture has been tricky.)

The day we went to get her the kids and I had driven all the way to Salt Lake to see some puppies that I had found online. When we got there I knew that there was little chance that we would leave without a puppy. Mason was in love, and held Sasha all the way to Grammy's house. It was about a twenty minute drive and every few minutes little Sasha would stick her head up and whine a little bit. Mason would sing her a little song and she would lay her head back down. It was super sweet. We've now had Sasha about three months, and I have to say that Mason is her special boy. Every night after the kids are in bed and I am running around the house trying to straighten up and make a game plan for tomorrow, I'll notice that Sasha is missing, and without fail every time I find her sleeping in Mason's room. I feel happy that both my kids get to have the rewarding experience of having a dog.

Max said that his favorite memory was when we rode in the boat. He was referring to a quick trip we took this August up to Island park and Yellowstone. The first night we rented a boat and floated down the river near Mack's Inn where we were staying. We had such a great time the weather was pleasant and the boat ride was slow and peaceful. The water was fairly shallow most of the way so the kids had a great time getting in and out of the boat and splashing in the water. Unfortunately I was worried about getting my camera wet so I left it behind, but it was a great day that I hope the kids always remember.