Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Those of you that know Shane well know that he loves to fly RC planes, he's been doing it quite regularly for several years now and really loves it. Sometimes the kids will go flying with him, but after a few minutes their interest usually wanes. So when Shane found the boys playing with their parachute guys a little while back he seized on the opportunity to get the boys involved in his hobby. It took a little engineering but Shane found a way to attach the little guys to the bottom of his plane. 

The drop was pretty thrilling, but we decided to up the ante and drop two at once.

 Mason thought the whole thing was pretty cool, and was busily employed in paratrooper recovery.

Max had a good time too, and especially enjoyed the snacks

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


My intention when I opened my laptop tonight was to write about summer, but then I realized I first needed to write about the end of the school year. It was such a busy time...

We wrapped up Joy School with a trip to the zoo... get it Z is for zoo.

(Mason got to come to because school was out that day.)

The kids got really excited to go swimming and begged to go almost daily. I told them that the outdoor temperature had to reach at least 80, before we could go swimming, but on the day Shane turned the sprinklers on for the season they got their swimsuits on and played in the water for awhile.

The kids really started to embrace the longer days and warmer nights. Can I say that one thing I love about summer is my neighbors. I don't want to brag, but we really have the greatest neighborhood, we spend all winter in our houses and going our different directions and then summer comes and everyone comes outside and gets to know each other again. This night the kids were having a bike wash... heaven forbid one should start summer with a dirty bike.

Shane finally sent this fashion gem on to a better life at the D.I...
Ok, I'm joking a little, but this jacket really does deserve a mention as it has been hanging out in the back of our closet our entire marriage. Apparently it was a major purchase and Shane had a hard time letting it go, he wanted to hold on it to it just in case it was suddenly 1992 again.

Mason drew this picture
And then spent several minutes explaining it to me. Sometimes I wish I could just walk around in his imagination for awhile.

We had pre-school graduation which was adorable. Although Max isn't actually graduating. He narrowly misses the cut off for Kindergarden next year so he'll have another year with Miss Karla, lucky boy.

And Mason had his first piano recital, for which I am sad to say this is the only picture I have... I hate it when I leave the good camera at home.

So May was a fairly busy month.