Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I did today

What you are looking at is a months worth of freezer meals. I did this at the start of summer two years ago and it was so nice. Thirty meals lasted through much of the summer (since we didn't use them every night) and it really took the pressure off me to be in cooking dinner while my kids wanted to be outside playing. I highly recommend it, but be warned this is what my kitchen looked like after I was done...

In other news when I was finally cleaning up this atrocious mess I asked Mason to run some things downstairs for me. He told me very sweetly that in his scriptures he had read about how Jesus loved the little children and so he was very sorry, he would not be able to run my errand because he had to stay upstairs and play with Max because Max is a little child and he wanted to show love for him by playing transformers with him. Oh my goodness that kid is something else.