Monday, March 4, 2013


"How tall ARE you?" that's the standard question Shane answers at least once with every person that he meets. The next question?

"Do you play basketball?" to which Shane must always answer an honest "no." You see, he never gained the skills in his formative years, so he feels that he can't play now because the expectations based on his 6'7" height (for those of you that haven't asked yet) are just too great. Now since Mason is headed down the same road, already standing a good 6" above his classmates we thought we'd better at least make sure he learned how to play. I must tell you, I'm not sure sports will ever really be his thing. Which Shane and I are ok with, there are a great many things in this life to be good at and Mason he is so clever and creative I know he will find his niche, but even so I really want him to learn to be a part of a team, and feel confident when people are watching him, and if it helps him not feel like the odd man out in gym class that's good too. So this winter we tried basketball. He got to play with some other kids in the neighborhood, and had a wonderful coach which was fun too.

Last spring Mason was on a soccer team that didn't make a single goal the entire season, it wasn't for lack of trying, but it was a little discouraging. So right away Mason found that he liked basketball because he and his team scored many baskets right from the start. The games were fast paced and even Max enjoyed watching them.

Altogether I think it was a good experience for Mason and we'll give it a try next year too.