Friday, August 19, 2011


Tonight we had a camp out in the backyard. I have been promising the kids all summer that we would so it was time to finally follow through. The kids were having such a great time out in the yard playing in the tent and running around like wild animals. Until it started to get dark and mom went inside for a few minutes. Suddenly I had two frightened boys telling me that there was a ghost AND a wolf somewhere outside. So I went outside with them and we all climbed into our sleeping bags and started telling stories as we watched the stars come out. We had a great time, but I could see that there would be little sleeping on this adventure, until Max announced that he was ready to go get in his bed and both boys happily packed up their pillows, trekked inside, and climbed in their beds. It was the perfect night I was the cool mom, and I still get to sleep in my bed.