Monday, March 28, 2011

Car Wash

Once upon a time about a year ago Mason made friends with the boy who lives on the other side of the fence. For many days they played catch over the fence and talked through the slats. One day I asked Mason what his new friend's name was, he looked at me blankly... apparently asking his friend's name had never occurred to him. So the next time we were in the yard the boy came out too and Mason asked about his name, I'm pretty sure I heard him say Carlos. Mason however heard something else.

"Mom!" he yelled excitedly "his name is Car Wash!"

The next time we were outside, so was Carlos/Car Wash and all of his family. Mason climbed up to the top of the swing set that overlooked his yard and yelled, "Hey CAR WASH!" Over and over again, poor Carlos... I called Mason over to me and tried to explain that his name was actually not Car Wash. Mason looked so disappointed, not because he had been calling his new found friend by the wrong name for several days, but because he felt bad that his friend didn't get to have an awesome name like Car Wash.

Sometimes waiting for dinner is just exhausting...

I knew as soon as the whining stopped that something was up.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Lately the children and I have undertaken a very large project. Since Mason's birthday there has been a sizable increase in the amount of legos, and the massive pile that we have is bordering on the unmanageable, so we have set out to sort them. Which really means that I spend hours each day sifting through the pieces, and while I do so the boys will sit at the table with me and play legos. I get to organize and they get to play so everyone is happy.

During one of our sorting sessions a few days ago Mason and Max were playing with the Lego police truck, and helicopter and accompanying guys. They both use this affected voice when role playing with their toys... sort of a dopey tough guy voice, its very cute. Anyway I quietly sorted away, as I heard the boys' "guys" have this conversation.

Mason's guy: Hey where's my dog?
(Max's helicopter swoops in with the Lego dog perilously hanging on to the skids)
Max's guy: I got him here he is.
Mason's guy: Thanks for saving my dog!
Max's guy: Oh you're welcome.

There were a few minutes in here where the dog did some police work and then Mason's guy called in the helicopter again...

Mason's guy: Can you take my dog home?
Max's guy: Yeah I can take him home.
Mason's guy: ok take him home and feed him... see you later
Max's guy: Ok bye... I love you.
Mason's guy: I love you too!

Now remember every word of this conversation was done with their tough guy voices, and I just couldn't help really enjoying listening to them talk so sweetly to each other, when they were both trying so hard to sound so serious and grown up.