Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

Before Christmas Shane's mom had the great idea of decortating gingerbread houses. So tonight we had everyone over and deorated houses. Now usually Max is the star of the show when the family comes around and tonight was no exception. Everyone thought that is was completely hillarious how he would cozy up to someone at the table and then start double fisting their candy decorations into his mouth.

That is until some serious work got done on the various houses, pretty soon having Max near your gingerbread house was as about desirable as having Godzilla near Tokyo.

Eventually Michelle was the only person willing to hold him and let him "help" with her house, and you can see how helpful he was.

Just to demonstrate I took a picture of the side of Michelle's house that she did without Max's help

and then the side done with the help of the Max man.

There were some other lovely gingerbread creations made.
Mason's house

Grandma's G's house

and Lynsey's train