Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hands up folks

So there's a general rule in the parenting community that you should have THE TALK with your children when they are eight years old. This may seem very young, but experts agree that if you don't talk to your kids about sex by this age, somebody else will (and in a not so appropriate way). So Mason is seven and a half and talking about this particular subject has been on my mind a great deal. I feel like all of sudden there is a count down to the end of innocence and it makes me sad. Regardless of whether he is or not, I'm just not sure I'm ready for it... 

So a few days ago the kids and I were driving in the car and and I turned the radio on, the end of this song came on. If you don't want to listen to it I will save you time and tell you that the end of the song says, "Give me everything tonight..." over and over again. After listening for a few seconds Mason piped up, "Mom is this song about a robber or something?"

"Why yes Mason, I think it is."

I guess we've got a while to enjoy the innocence of childhood yet.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

End of April

A lot has been going since I posted last so I thought I would put in a little recap.

Poor Max!
The week after coming home from Belize Max got sick with a cough and fever. Since having RSV as a baby Max's lungs aren't as strong as we'd like them to be and sometimes respiratory illnesses hit him hard. Just to be sure he was doing ok I took him into the doc, she said he had a virus and sent us on our way, that was on Tuesday. On Saturday Mason woke up with an obvious case of conjunctivitis so back to the doctor we went I took Max with us and after the doc treated Mason she kindly listened to Max and said his lungs were improving, yeah us! By Tuesday though the cough was back in full force... feeling a little paranoid we went back to the doctor, and it was confirmed that Max had pneumonia, and antibiotics were prescribed. By Friday Max had made no improvement and we found ourselves in an x-ray room, and an additional course of steroids were prescribed. Finally after almost two weeks the poor kid started to get better. It was no fun, and a little stressful for mom, I was so glad when he finally started to improve.

While he was sick, his preschool did its presentation on The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Max had been so excited for this, and luckily on the day they did it he was feeling a little better so we decided to go for the presentation. Max played the biggest billy goat and did such a great job. It was nice for him to be able to get out of the house after being sick for so long.

I don't know if I've ever written about how much we love Max's preschool. Miss Karla is so wonderful and loving to the children she told me once that she felt if the kids could learn that they can be loved at school, then they will also learn to love learning at school.

We also celebrated mine and Shane's birthday. Both birthdays were pretty low key. Max was still pretty sick on my birthday so that took precedence, but for Shane's we did manage to get some candles on the cake.