Friday, February 20, 2009

Today we went swimming in the kitchen

And for twenty whole minutes, I was the coolest mom in town...

Of course the title is up for grabs now if anyone is interested in applying.

We should have named him Min

The other day Shane said to me, "We should have named him Min,"
and I said, "Huh?"
"Well we should have known we were asking for trouble when we named him Max."

Then on Wednesday I was in the family room talking with Mason. In the kitchen I heard Max. I could hear laughing, then a noise I couldn't place, then more laughing, then that familiar but unknown noise again. Upon investigation I found this

What you can't see in the picture is the rather large puddle of water underneath him. Yep you guessed it that familiar noise was the water dispenser in the door of my refrigerator At least he's having a good time.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

This year for Valentines day I wanted to do something different and heartfelt. Shane and I have both felt a lot of responsibilities pulling us in different directions lately so I decided to try and do a little something for Shane each day for the two weeks before Valentine's. By day three or four I knew I was in over my head, but I did my best to make my man feel special each day.

Day one: I made Shane a cute heart shaped brownie.

Day two: I made Shane a tumbler decorated with pictures of the boys. Shane loves to drink hot chocolate in the mornings when it is cold, so while he was getting ready for work I made put some hot chocolate in his cup and put it in the drink holder in his car.

Day three: I did this. Still one of my best ideas.

Day four: Four kinds of fudge, mmmmmm.

Day five: Five favorite memories. I went through some of our old pictures and wrote down some of my favorite memories, and hid them in places for Shane to find throughout the day.

Day six-Day nine: Ok these days didn't work out as well, as Max and Mason ended up being quite sick.

Day ten: Shane had to work a very long time this day so the kids and I took him dinner and dessert. The brownies we brought had a list of the "Ten Things I Love About You" on it.

Day eleven: My photobook came with a lovely picture journal of a trip to Hawaii we took a few years ago, so it was eleven special memories that day.

Day twelve: It was a dozen ugly roses. They were supposed to look like this, but they ended up looking like uh... this...

Day thirteen: was thisWhich was an idea I found on someone's blog, although I can't remember whose, so be sure and let me know if I need to give you some credit.

Day fourteen: was actually on the thirteenth too because because these guys don't ship on Saturday.
Cooking lobsters was new for me, and to be honest I don't think that I will be doing it again anytime soon. I tried and tried to muster up enough courage to throw the little guys in the pot, but I just couldn't do it. I had to call in reinforcements and Shane threw the ill fated crustaceans in, and after all of that I have to say that they really weren't all they were cracked up to be (pun totally intended). One thing I hadn't anticipated was Mason's reaction to the lobsters. At first he thought that they were a bit scary, and then after Shane put them in the sink where he could watch them from a safe distance, he said to me, "Mom they're really ALIVE, and I like them." We decided at this point that it would be wise to put Mason to bed before the lobsters made their exit from this life. In the morning Mason asked where the lobsters were. Instead of explaining this to him,
I took a deep breath and told the kindest truth I could think of I explained that the lobsters weren't very happy living in our sink so we sent them off to a better place, and that's the truth... I'm sure lobster heaven really is a great place.

It was rewarding to do something special for Shane. Sometimes I think that in marriage we expend so much energy trying to keep the family going, we forget that the reason we do all of those things is because we love that family so much, so this last two weeks I tried to let Shane know, and in return he came home every night telling me how loved and special he felt and how glad he was that he was married to me. On Friday he brought home these (they're a bit wilty now, but they were really lovely on Friday.)
And this

I couldn't have asked for anything better. Thank you Shane, I love you back.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Time out

The Trade Off

One thing I have learned about motherhood is that it is all about trade offs. Like this for example.
A cupcake will buy you two and a half minutes of uninterrupted peace.

But will require at least twenty minutes of clean up time...

Worth it?...Depends on the two and a half minutes.

Monday, February 9, 2009

More Masonisms

A few weeks ago I bought a laminating machine, and oh the possibilities it has opened up to me. Just about anything made of paper gets laminate in our house. Although today I realized that I may have gotten a bit overzealous when I was preparing visual aids for family home evening and trying to pacify Mason I said something like, "Just a minute Mason I'm getting things ready for family night, because we can't have family night without..." and before I could say a lesson Mason piped up, "without something to laminate."

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Sometimes I think that for a day I would like to climb inside Mason's brain and walk around a bit. He has always been such a thinker and a worrier. He has a huge imagination and he says the sweetest things sometimes. I would love to know the thought process behind some of the things he says sometimes, like the other day when he and Shane were getting ready to go over to Shane's grandma's house. Shane was installing a water softener for Grandma Goldman and Mason was "helping" dad and graciously assisting Grandma in keeping her surplus chip supply in check.

Anyway as they are getting ready to go I overhear their conversation. First Mason and Shane have the usual which car are we taking conversation. Again I don't know why, but Mason always wants to know which car he'll be driving in, it was decided they would take the Honda, then Mason in all seriousness says to Shane, "Don't leave me dad, because then I'll have to drive the Tahoe, and I don't know how to drive."

Thursday, February 5, 2009


The last few days Mason has been a puppy. His favorite thing is for me to put a bowl of water on the floor for him to drink from, although we recently had to make that a nap time only activity since Max likes to pick it up and dump it on himself. Other than that I didn't think that Max was really getting the whole puppy thing until today when I handed him a few pieces of cereal to snack on. He promptly threw them on the floor and just as I was going to react to such blatant rudeness, he got down on his belly and licked that cinnamon crunch right up off the floor.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Speaking of...

Last night Shane read Mason the story of the three little pigs before bed. Mason went on and on about that "woof." Shane corrected kindly, "Its wolf buddy." Mason looked at Shane and condescended, "You're right dad you're supposed to say WOOF!"