Sunday, December 2, 2012

Game Night

We started a tradition in our house, last winter that we've continued doing this year that my kids just love. Every Sunday night we have game night. We rotate who gets to choose the game and everyone looks forward to it. Tonight it was Max's turn so we played a raucous round of Mousetrap. The highlights were when I couldn't find my game piece and had to use a foil covered chocolate instead and the laughter that ensued when my piece finally made its way to Shane's side of the board and mysteriously became an empty piece of foil devoid of chocolate; and then when Max's mouse was on the cheese wheel and Shane landed on the turn crank space, Max couldn't stand the anticipation of watching the trap move its way towards his mouse and finally stood on the chair and shouted an anguished, "NOOO!" and then laughed and laughed when his mouse was caught. I know that the kids won't always be interested in hanging out with the folks, but for now its one of our favorite things.