Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Those of you that know Shane well know that he loves to fly RC planes, he's been doing it quite regularly for several years now and really loves it. Sometimes the kids will go flying with him, but after a few minutes their interest usually wanes. So when Shane found the boys playing with their parachute guys a little while back he seized on the opportunity to get the boys involved in his hobby. It took a little engineering but Shane found a way to attach the little guys to the bottom of his plane. 

The drop was pretty thrilling, but we decided to up the ante and drop two at once.

 Mason thought the whole thing was pretty cool, and was busily employed in paratrooper recovery.

Max had a good time too, and especially enjoyed the snacks

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Candee Robinson said...

What a great idea. Wish Reid had thought of it when he was into those planes. He had a lot of fun with them too.