Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Grand Canyon Really is Grand

Ok so in my last post I told you all about how Shane and I had just gotten back from the most wonderful weekend away. For three whole days, we went places without having to take along a diaper bag filled with extra outfits and snacks and wipes and various other necessities. We spent an hour by the pool and not a single whiney voice was heard. We ate at nice restaurants and didn't have to worry about irritating the couple next to us. We stayed up late and we slept in the next morning. We had a great time, but I think that the thing I enjoyed the most about our vacation was the time that we had to talk to each other. We talked and talked and talked. We learned new things about each other. We remembered things about each other that we really liked.

By far our favorite day was Sunday. We decided that we would need to get out of sin city for Sunday so we rented a car not just any car mind you, but a shiny black Corvette and drove to the Grand Canyon. Now Shane had never been to the Grand Canyon and I had only been there once as a child, so we really saw it with fresh eyes, and it was well, grand. It took our breath away and we were truly grateful to witness such a miracle.

We spent the entire day just cruising around without an agenda. It was so wonderful. I'm really grateful for my huband who works hard for our family and knows how to appreciate the good things in life. It was so enjoyable to spend the weekend with the man I love and really isn't he so handsome!


jennyonthespot said...

Breathing deeply... so happy for you... what a wonderful time!

Merrianne said...

wonderful pictures!! sounds like you had a great time!


i found your blog at ldswomenblogs....hope you don't mind :)

Sara said...

ok, I'm jealous. I can only imagine what it must be like to spend 3 whole days KID FREE! I mean, I love my kids, but man would it be nice to get away for a few days. And, I love the car!

Lei said...

Every couple needs some time away! Glad you got some!

emlouisa said...


I am totally jealous. We are planning to go to Hawaii in August with the same idea in mind. I'm loving that you rented a convertible though! How cool!

jd said...

Wow~that is such a great idea! I am all for black shiny corvettte rental vs. black donkey rental down the canyon!