Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Dolphin's Name is...

A few days ago Shane and I decided to cancel our subscription to the Dish Network. Don't get me wrong, we love our shows, but we started to think that maybe there were better ways to use our time. Mostly though since Mason has learned to operate the remote control himself we thought that perhaps we should start being more careful about the media that our children were able to consume. So we are TV-less, and really its a good thing. I always thought that we didn't watch very much TV, but when I can see what we have time for without it I realize that actually we did. I didn't think that Mason even missed it until today when we were playing animals. I asked him what his dolphin's name was, he thought for a minute and then said thoughtfully, "my dolphin's name is Mote Control."

Yeah, I think we need a few more weeks without the TV to revive our creative naming skills.

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Michelle said...

I don't think we could ever do that. We actually just got a bigger TV and are enjoying our free trial of more channels.

Of course Stella is constantly trying to play with the remote, so I suppose it will be a matter of time before I get concerned.