Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mason's Birthday

So this is a bit late, but I must tell you all about Mason's birthday. We had such a fun time. Since Mason was turning four we decided to do our first friend birthday party. It was very thrilling. Mason wanted to have a Batman party, and then I later talked him into broadening the theme to superheroes.
I was a little nervous about hosting such a crowd of kids, but it turned out really well. When the kids came they all got a chance to decorate their own cape. Then everyone put their capes on and we played "Batman, Batman, Joker" (think duck, duck, goose") for a few minutes. This lasted about one and half rounds before it digressed into absolute chaos. You'll notice that me and the only girl at the party are the only ones still sitting down. Boys are so crazy.

It was then decided that we should have cupcakes, but upon returning to the kitchen we found that our cupcakes had been stolen by villains... gasp . Lucky for me I was surrounded by newly caped superheroes who were more than willing (and thrilled) to apprehend every last villain.
After the villian hunt was done we were able to discover the whereabouts of our cupcakes and everyone ate them right up. We rounded off the hour with present opening, and playtime. I had prepared Mason beforehand by telling him that all the presents were not his until after the party ended, and that while the kids were there they were for everyone. This worked great and not a single tantrum was heard.

That evening we had Shane's family over and opened more presents, and ate more cake. It was such a great day. Mason is such such a special little boy. I am so happy that I get to be his mom.


Jana said...

Sounds like lots of fun! I can't believe they are 4!

Michelle said...

Holy Cow Nicole! That was super clever. I am not surprised, but still you deserve an award.

I can just picture how tickled you were when you came up with that invite. Amazing!