Saturday, November 28, 2009


This weekend we went on a fun trip to Salt Lake to visit my family for Thanksgiving. We had a great time. The kids stayed up way too late, and were fed a great many treats by many an auntie, and had a wonderful time. We spent Thursday preparing a great dinner, that was attended by almost the whole clan. Mandy wasn't able to make it for dinner, but showed up in time for pie and also brought along her clever carrot pie and her friend Adam, who fits right in and is a welcome addition to our family gatherings. At dinner we all shared what we were thankful for. Jimmy tenderly said that he was so thankful for Melissa and that she said "I do" a few short weeks ago. Lana said that she was thankful that her dad had found a job and her puppies, Kris said that he was thankful that the Thanksgiving marathon only included two stops for them this year, (which we were all grateful for too, since it meant we got more time with them), and I said that I was thankful for my family, my new calling in the Young Women organization (since it meant that I was getting to know the good babysitters in the area and therefore Shane and I could go on dates again), and my new computer. We all have a great many things to be grateful for, but I felt especially grateful for my family that day.

On Friday the kids spent most of the day playing, Dylan and Duncan came over for awhile and Mason had a great time playing with all of them. Then as it got closer to evening we ventured out to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights. It was beautiful and a fun adventure. Probably the highlight of the evening was when we decided not to try and fight for parking near Temple square and instead parked at Mandy's house and rode the Trax train downtown. Max was so thrilled. When we got on the train his eyes got big and stayed that way the entire time. When it was nearly time to get off Shane told Max we would be getting off in a few minutes and Max stated emphatically "uh-uh."

So after we got off we had to hurriedly distract him. We all enjoyed the lights, but Max was so excited when it was time to go because we got to ride the train again. We drank hot chocolate at Mandy's house and then headed back to Grammy's with some seriously tired boys.

Today we headed home, but not before stopping in for a tour of Brynne's beautiful new house. She has the coolest back yard and I volunteer her for the next summer barbecue. She and Kris have already started painting and beautifying the place even further, it looks great and I am so glad that they were able to find such a nice place to call home.

All in all it was a great Thanksgiving weekend.

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Sara said...

I miss Temple Square AND Trax! :)