Saturday, February 19, 2011

My days are numbered

All parents hope that their children turn out smarter than they are right? I just didn't expect it for another 15 years. I'm beginning to realize though that my days are numbered and someday soon I'm not going to be able to win all the arguments.

I was trying to talk Mason into riding the bus to school, which he has done in the past without problem but lately has resisted, and he said to me, "Well mom the bus doesn't have any seat belts." To which I said, "It's ok because buses are safer because they are so big." (which I of course made up.) Mason didn't miss a beat, but looked at me with an irritated face that I'm sure I'll get to know well in the teenage years, and said, "then why does the bus driver have one?"

Uh... I was speechless, he's right why don't buses have seat belts?


Michelle said...

I have always wondered that.

ME said...

Oh my goodness...reading that made my day! Kids are the best...most of the time anyway :)