Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cultivating faith

Last spring we had a family night lesson where we talked about what a testimony is and faith. We talked about how both can start very small like a seed, but when properly fed and cared for can grow into something wonderful. That night we planted seeds in paper cups, and then a few weeks later we transferred those seedlings to the back yard. We also planted a few extra seeds just for fun. I was later so glad that we planted those extra seeds, because our first set of seedlings didn't make it, which could have been quite a blow to the effectiveness of the object lesson, but after a few days we saw a tiny green plant poking up through the dirt. It was a new seedling! Hooray! Mason carefully watered and regularly checked on his plant, and at the end of the summer was rewarded with this.


mistieleigh said...

wow! i want a sunflower plant like that in my yard!

ME said...

What a great idea! I'm totally doing that this spring.