Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Rest of Belize

Sunday morning we decided that we wanted to go to church... We really wanted to meet some of the local members and experience the church in a different culture. It was actually conference weekend, but we figured there might still be some people at the church watching it there. So we headed out for Dangriga, a bigger city about a half hour away. In the city we spent a lot of time looking for the church only to find it all locked up. I guess in Belize everyone watches conference at home too. The trip into Dangriga wasn't what we expected, but it was interesting to see another city.

We headed back toward the resort, and after our scenic drive spent the rest of the day swimming.

 Max giving two "thumbs" up

That night was the start of Easter week, which is a very big deal in Belize, the resort really filled up and our wonderful dinner was supplemented with live entertainment. This group were local Garifuna drummers. They were very enjoyable to watch, each song they sang told a story.

The next day was supposed to be our last full day in Belize. So we decided to go into the nearby rainforest for a hike and try out the zipline. This activity was a big surprise, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. On some of the platforms we were fairly high up and the kids were not even phased by it.

Max demonstrating how his all of his days on this vacation ended... With a smile, a sunburn, and an ice cream sundae

Tuesday was checkout day, it was a little sad to leave all the adventure and fun behind, but we were ready to go home after being gone eight days. Our flight wasn't scheduled to leave until 3:30 so we had most of the day to make the two hour drive back to Belize city so we stopped for a short hike to a cave. Mason really thought the cave was cool.

Finally we arrived at the airport and after waiting several hours learned that our flight had been cancelled, and we would not be able to fly home until tomorrow. So we got to spend another night in Belize. We checked in at the closest available hotel and spent the evening swimming in the pool.

The next day we arrived early only to find that there was a problem with our flight again. We took our tired kids up to the ticket counter and had them make sad eyes at the agent and pleaded with her to find us another flight home. Probably fearing a riot of weary travels she told us that if we didn't tell anyone she could book us on another airline. We were so relieved and grateful. So finally after much waiting we were on our way home.

It was a wonderful trip, but we were also so happy to finally be going home.

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ME said...

You have inspired me to go to Belize. What an amazing experience you got to have with your family! I have loved reading all about it and seeing your pictures...especially Max with a sunburn eating a VERY melted ice cream sunday. :)