Friday, May 7, 2010

Blessings from Heaven

Today as we left for the last day of preschool Mason was thrilled to see a layer of snow covering the ground, yep you heard me SNOW. I however commented on how I wasn't as happy to see the snow because I wanted it to be spring. Mason said in his most serious voice, "Mom, Heavenly Father always knows what's best for us." I laughed a little at being put in my place by my five year old and had to agree, "you are right buddy," and then I said a quiet little prayer thanking the Lord for the sweet and smart little boy I have been blessed with, and if you could melt that snow by this afternoon that would be ok with me too.


Sara said...

Kids will definitely put things in perspective for you...but I still hope that snow melted for you lickety-split. Snow is absolutely NOT allowed in May! Blech!

mistieleigh said...

what a sweetheart.