Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Its done, its finally done!

A while back I decided to work on something personal about myself that I admit I have a bit of a problem with. If the truth be told sometimes I am guilty of starting projects but not quite finishing them... So about six months ago when we bought a big boy bed for Max I decided that I was going to redecorate his room AND that I would not start any other major projects until I was done with it. So I started looking around for ideas and stumbled upon this cute robot fabric, which I made into a quilt. The quilt was the inspiration for the rest of the room which I think turned out pretty darn cute.

I'm especially proud of his bed.

because I built it and finished it all by myself.

I got the plans for Max's bed here. Ana does a great job of making things simple and do-able on her site. I can't wait to build something else.

THe trim around the ceiling was also kind of an adventure, I had a picture in my brain of what I wanted it to look like, but every time I tried to explian it to someone they loked at me like I was nuts. I also had a hard time finding the right shape to go on the trim. Finally I came upon something that worked... googly eyes.
They looked pretty strange before they were painted, but after a coat of silver paint and they turned out perfect.


Aim Aug said...

Super cute! I love all the pipes and details on the walls! I'm in the middle of moving Tyson's room to the downstairs...trying to get up the desire to paint....

Sara said...

Nicole, you ROCK! What an awesome mom you are!!! I love it.

mistieleigh said...

holy crap Nicole! I am seriously so impressed. WOW! WOW! WOW! That is amazing. People like you really inspire me. The fact you took the initiative to do it by yourself and even made the bed. and you are oooozing of creativity. And i love the theme.... good going girlfriend!

Michelle said...

That looks awesome. Great job!!