Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TrackMap is here!

Last fall we took the kids out and did this. Like I said before I've never really understood the point of corn mazes. The particular one that we went to had twelve checkpoints that we were supposed to find, we found one and declared our outing a success and headed toward the entrance. Afterward Shane and I were lamenting that there wasn't a iphone map tool that was of better use to us in the corn maze, and an idea was born.

Shane invented TrackMap an app for the iphone that records your steps and allows for adding points of interest and photos. Its a fun little tool, you can save your tracks and share them with friends. It also has an option that will let you sell your tracks if you want, and the best part is the TrackMap app is completely free in the app store.

The kids and I have been enjoying helping with the testing phase. A few days ago we mapped out a disc golf course in town. Mason had a ton of fun using Shane's iphone to map the course. For a kid who loves being outside almost as much as he loves electronics it was right up his alley.

Maybe next year at the corn maze we'll be able to find all of the check points.

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mari_contrary said...

This is so neat! I'm going to download it now! How on earth does one go about creating an app? Is Shane just a computer genius that knows how to write all that stuff?