Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Snow and service

This winter we had so much snow. It fell and fell and fell. The kids thought is was the best. Shane and I gritted our teeth and tried to remember that spring would come, really.

One particularly snowy day Shane went out to clear the driveway and took the kids with him so that they could help. He decided that they would do some service for the neighborhood by clearing the snow from the neighors driveway.

Mason really wanted to drive the snow blower. So Shane handed over the reigns. Mason didn't really clear the neatest path, in fact it was quite random, so random that Shane and I couldn't help laughing quite hard.


Just as Mason finished our neighbor pulled up and surveyed the maze of snowblown trails in his driveway. He and Shane had a good laugh, and he graciously thanked Mason, who was extremely proud of himself.


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