Thursday, July 16, 2009


A favorite pastime of ours has always been feeding the ducks. My kids love it. For Max it is a combination of two of his favorite things: throwing things and animals.

Mason is a little more timid and always has to keep his distance at first, but he usually warms up to it in the end.
The ducks and geese don't care at all as long as we've got the goods.
This little family of geese were particularily aggressive, hissing us away from their babies while still wanting us to throw our crumbs. Max thought it was hillarious, and Mason was slightly terrified.
Even the bossy geese though can't detour us from our fun though. I mean how could you resist loving this little guy. And if you get tired of ducks you can always try and catch some seagulls. This is great because even when they fly away before you can within ten feet of them you can still do the victory dance, because you made them fly away.
Max loves the baby animals, and was thrilled when he saw this horde of baby geese. I think we may have stumbled onto the geeses' daycare. To which Max said "baby" over and over again.
So ducks and geese fed, kids enriched, and a new word what a great outing!


Michelle said...

Max is a fellow after my own heart. I love feeding the ducks too. It was a favorite pastime of mine as a kid.

Michelle said...
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