Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A few weeks ago we went to visit my family in Salt Lake. While we were there we went to the children's museum. This is a magical place for little children. My kids absolutely love it. This time I was really struck with how different my kids are. Mason was born an engineer. Anything with a button, or crank, or lever that he can manipulate thrills him, he has to figure out how it all works, and then once he figures it out, he has to change it. So this place is right up his alley.

Max on the other hand is all about the experience and movement. If there is something in the room that is taller than he, he must find a way to climb on top of it, and for him it is not about the achievement of climbing on top of something, its the actual climb that he loves. I know this because, once he gets to the top of something, he always turns right around and does it again. If there is a ball, or a rock, or some sand nearby he has to throw it (yes we've been ejected from many a playground). If there is water nearby he doesn't just splash his hands or his feet in it, he has to get as much of his body in the water as possible. I really had to talk him out of putting his whole self in this water table. His absolute favorite thing at the museum was this fairly simple contraption: a large fan set in a table with small cupcake liners around it that could be used for parachutes.

Another thing about Max is that if their is something to see or do he wants to be right in the middle of it. Even when he is soooo tired.

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