Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Memorial Day

This year for memorial day we visited the gravesites of Shane's grandparents and his aunt Lorraine. Mason was really interested in hearing about each of the people we visited. It was rewarding to tell him about some of the people that we loved, and care for them a little bit.

This year Shane's grandpa Goldman passed away, his presence has really been missed.

We also visited Devory's grave, which is always especially sad. Devory chose to leave this life when he felt the consequences of his choices were too hard for him to face. When Mason asked why he died Shane was stumped, and I said, "Because he was sick... his heart was sick." But the tragedy of his death is never more stark than when we are standing at his head stone, the marker to the end of his progression in this life, with our family that is ever changing and growing. He will never see his kids adopt ladybugs, or continually try to catch birds. He misses so much everyday, and we are always sad for him.

We also talked about Aunt Lorraine. Who lived was in a car accident with Shane when he was ten years old, and spent the next twenty years of her life in a wheelchair, with limited use of her arms and no use of her legs. We talked about how she took care of herself. How She went to work everyday, at a job she loved, and lived a full life despite her limitations.

It was a different memorial day than we have had in years past, but very memorable.

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