Friday, February 5, 2010

"Basket head!"

That's what Maxwell shouts every time I get out this laundry basket. (Well if we're being honest he really yells "basset head!") Then he promptly claims it as his own and spends the next hour like this.

Luckily he has a brother that will play right along.


Sara said...

Two posts in ONE realize that you are setting quite the precedent here right? :)

Little kids crack me up! This age is definitely trying, but it's things like this that make you forget about the not so cute stuff.

mistieleigh said...

hi nicole. how are you? i am such a dork- i didnt even know you had 2 blogs? i just learned of this one...i have only ever looked on your nicsnotes one. anyway, happy to see you update this one more frequently...i'll have to check in more often. hope all is well. your boys are adorable.
take care-