Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Poor Baby

So I used to say that I was a terrible insomniac, but I've just decided that I just don't need that much sleep, so once again its 5 am and I am updating the blog. Yeah! for you.

So this morning I am thinking of poor Max. Last night I was feeling so good about myself... Dinner was on schedule and cooking, the house was almost clean, laundry from the day was folded, and I was gathering my stuff for the mutual activity that was in an hour and a half. I thought I was so together, which is a feeling I love although I admit I feel its opposite more often than not. So I am feeling great and what happens Max climbs into my lap and says "need a lub" (which means "I need a love/hug" to those of you that don't speak Max). Now those of you that know Max well know that this is unusual for him and my mommy sense was piqued slightly, but I think that my general feeling of togetherness had lulled me into a false sense of security because I was not wholly prepared when thirty seconds later the poor child stood up and puked all over himself and the surrounding area. Poor baby! and poor mama, suddenly that feeling of togetherness went right out the window as I spent the next hour alternately cleaning up vomit and comforting its sad originator, and I was reminded that I think the key to happiness in life in general, but especially in motherhood is planning, preparation, and when despite those two things everything goes South flexibility. Oh yeah and it helps to have a supportive husband who doesn't mind stepping in to play vomit catcher while you head off for the night to complete your commitment to the young women.

Max is usually so busy, it feels strange when he acts so tired and snugly. Although I would never wish away any extra snuggle time I can get with Max. The other day around three o'clock he stood still long enough for this to happen.

Mason and I hardly knew what to do with ourselves being in a house without Max noises.


Aim Aug said...

Poor Max! I hate that once little kids start throwing up, they can't stop until they are empty...and even then. It's so miserable. Hope he feels better today.

Jillian said...

Poor Max and poor mom! There is nothing worse than the throw-ups .....however I have found it is amazing what you can endure for those little ones! We can totally relate to the stand still for a minute and fall asleep....when our house is Cooperless everyone is afraid to breath for fear of waking him up! Hope you get better soon!

Sara said...

I just can't get over that your laundry was folded and put away...I'm sending covetous looks in the general direction of Idaho Falls. Having sick kids is no fun, but I hear ya on the extra snuggles! :)

karen said...

I know I've been hurled on a time or two but it's like childbirth forget it ...hope things are better now