Monday, February 1, 2010


Ok what happens when Nicole wakes up at 3:30 am and can't go back to sleep, well the blog gets updated...aren't you lucky?

So over Christmas break Shane stayed home for a week, the kids and I were in heaven. We had a great time doing a good deal of family stuff. One of my favorite days was the day we went sledding. Winter is so long here in Idaho and sometime the kids get so tired of being inside so one day we took them sledding. It was a great adventure, and I got to try out my new lens, and can say that I am in love with the extra zoom power.

This is us arriving at the park, when Mason was a baby my mom gave him the title of "the Little Rajah" which we all used affectionately to describe his universal acceptance of the idea that the world revolved around him and we existed simply to serve his needs. Max has never held the same belief, since he came into a world with sibling competition built right in, but occasionally he gets to be the Little Rajah too. This day he was particularly enjoying being towed around the park on his sled.

Then I watched from the bottom of the hill with trepidation as Shane pushed Max down the very tall hill. Max on the other hand was thrilled.

How could anyone resist a face like this?

Mason went down the hill several times too, and I really have to hand it to Shane because after each slide down the hill, he walked down and collected the sled, and the child involved and headed back up the hill. Honestly I got a good deal being put on picture detail.

Two thumbs up!

But I didn't want to miss out on all the fun so I took a turn climbing the hill with the kids, although I don't think Max enjoyed having me be the head of the entourage since about eight feet from the top of the hill I lost traction and started sliding down.

I eventually had to resort to crawling the last few feet and I only made it to the top when Max got off the sled.

Max was a little put out at being abandoned a few feet from his goal and eventually started sliding back down the hill on his seat.

So I decided to let Shane resume his duties as Sherpa and the fun resumed until Max suffered the first crash of the day.

He was pretty upset by it, until Shane and he worked it out with a promised trip to the playground.

Which involved some snowballs and diabolical plotting against mom.

I might have been caught unaware except that the entire time Max was walking toward me he had this mischievous grin on his face, and was repeating, "Get mom, get mom."

And of course I let him get me, because like I said, really, who can resist this face?

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Sara said...

Would it be selfish of me to say that I wish you would be sleep deprived more often? :) I loved the updates!!! Mason and Max really are adorable little men.