Monday, October 4, 2010

Conference and rockets

Last night as we crawling into bed Shane said, "You know what I loved about this weekend? having unscheduled time." Its very true that Shane and I both tend to spend our days hurrying from one commitment to the next. And doing all of those things with Max in tow is not always fun for me. (I mean I love my boy, but he is not so good at any store.) So this weekend we watched conference. I broke out the conference bingo sheets and they were a huge hit with Mason. I think that he listened better than I did as he was so anxious to get a treat on each finished row. It was probably the first year since Mason's birth that I was able to listen to much of conference. I kept thinking is conference better this year, or have I just been missing out all this time? It was really pleasant. We didn't make any big plans, we didn't cook any huge meals (thank you crock pot) we just hung out as a family, ate treats and listened to the prophet it was great.

This is Max during the last session.

During the break on Sunday we went to park where we played six holes (baskets?) of frisbee golf, it was very nice until Mason fell into the river... and then it was time to go.

After the last session we packed up the kids again and launched their rockets. Shane had gotten both the kids rockets some time ago and they were both excited to shoot them off. Mason was really interested in the whole process, Max lasted through about two launches before he was ready to go. I think the rockets made him just a bit uneasy.

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