Sunday, October 3, 2010

This is the game that Max and his pal were playing on Friday night. Its one where you use all of your best climbing skills to get on top of the big green box.
Then you contemplate the best way to jump off.
If for a moment you get cold feet about carrying out your stunt, don't worry your good friend will give you a loving nudge over the edge (when Cooper showed some hesitation, Max hopped to his feet saying "I'll push you!" as if he was doing him a big favor).

And don't forget including extra acrobatics in your jump will win you extra points.

Switch kids and then repeat.


mistieleigh said...

fun times!! And i love your boy's red hair! I havent checked in -in a while - so, i never realized his hair was so red. I love it. What a cutie!

Aim Aug said...

All boy for sure! Max is such a cutie. Next time you are down for a visit, call me and maybe the boys could play!

Jillian said...

Those have got to be the CUTEST boys ever. I know I think so. Love love love that max & coop are buddies.