Monday, September 24, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Another fun thing we did this summer was swimming lessons. I have this terrible fear of water when it comes to my children, so I decided that the best way to combat that was to teach my kids to swim. Mason really was starting to look a little too old to be still wearing his puddle jumper every time we went near water. So the first thing I did this summer was sign the kids up for back to back sessions of swimming lessons. It turned out to be a pretty big commitment as it was everyday for four weeks, but the kids had a great time. They didn't even complain the mornings we woke up to 50 degree weather (it may have been June, but this is Idaho remember?)

One of the sessions Ethan and Michelle joined us and did a mommy and me class at the same time. After lessons we would hang out in the park and have lunch I was glad Michelle was there to visit with while the kids played. She and Ethan were really good sports as some of those days were still pretty cold for swimming.

Of course the highlight of swimming lessons is always diving board day... Mason dove right off without a second thought.


Max cracked me up, because he was so excited to jump off the diving board. He was excited waiting in line, all the way up the steps, and about half way across the board... then he started to have second thoughts.

So they sent an instructor out to give him a nudge

He finally jumped off the board and was so proud of himself, he wanted to do it again. This time about the time he got to the end of the railing he got a little stage fright again, and the instructor was sent up again, but he really wanted to do it himself so before she could help him he mustered up his courage and jumped all by himself.

I was really proud of both of the boys. I was impressed when the next time we went swimming Mason wanted to jump off the diving board all by himself. It was pretty intimidating for me to watch him swim in the deep end all by himself, but he did it. We still really need to work on our form, but we definitely made progress in the aquatics department this summer. 

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