Thursday, October 4, 2012

Boat Ride

Last summer one of the kids favorite things was the boat ride we took in Island Park. We all enjoyed it so much we decided to make it an annual tradition and so before summer was over this year we headed up to Island park. Going later in the summer meant that the water was fairly low. So low in some places that our little friends had get out and push, which Mason and Max thought was GREAT!

About halfway down the river there is this great rope swing that the kids and Shane had fun swinging on until the swing broke free of its counter balance. There was a large family reunion there and one of the teenage girls in an effort to get the smaller children out of the way of the broken swing was hit by its heavy load. There were a few tense moments, the girl was unconscious for a few minutes and was unwilling/unable to move for a few minutes more. Shane who had been swinging on the swing felt terrible and we had a tense wait while the girls situations was assessed. Thankfully (and in an answer to my prayers at least, and probably those of others). The next boat to pass by had a doctor in it. He came over and was able to assess the situation, and pronounce that the girl would be fine, and she was able to get up. We were all so relieved. Shane felt really terrible, and apologized to the girl, who told him the same thing the rest of the group had also said, that it wasn't really his fault just bad timing. So we moved on, but I was happy a few weeks later when I saw one of the family members of the girl and she told me that by later that day she had made a full recovery and was now fine.
After all the adventures of the day we pulled our boat into shore and went across the street for what Mason tells me is the best pizza in the world. It was a good day.

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