Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Max's Birthday

The last adventure of summer this year was Max's birthday. It was Max's first friend party so we tried to make it special, while still keeping it simple so that I didn't loose my mind. In the past I will admit that birthday parties have caused me a bit of stress so I tried not to go crazy on this one. We kept the guest list limited to the few friends that Max plays with on a regular basis (and cousin Ethan of course) which I think helped the most to keep things manageable for me.

Max decided he wanted to have a dinosaur party which was so much fun. We started with lunch, then we went on a dinosaur safari... We started with the dinosaur dig, the kids loved this and could have done it for hours.

Then we had to hurry over to "Volcanium" where it looked like our volcano was ready to erupt. Max and I had made this volcano out of salt dough a few days earlier.

I wish I had a better picture of the volcano, because Max was really proud of it. We spent a long time building it and decorating it with dinosaurs and palm trees, Max even suggested that volcano have a cave at the bottom with a dinosaur in it. I think that is what he is pointing out to his friend Jake in this picture.

After the volcano eruption we had to head over to the dinosaur hatchery to make sure all the dinosaur eggs were ok. We found that the large eggs had made it through ok, but the small dinosaur eggs were missing (gasp) and we would have to go find them

This was by far my favorite activity. The "eggs" were made out of a mixture of flour and water and used coffee grinds that dried hard on the outside and were soft on the inside. In the middle of each egg was a little dinosaur. The kids thought it was to great that they got to smash their eggs on the ground so they could get their dinosaurs out.

After that we opened presents and ate cupcakes, the kids had all collected a little pile of mini dinosaurs by that time, and so we spent the remaining party time playing dinosaurs. When everyone left they took home a large paper mache dinosaur egg filled with treats. The kids thought this was a especially cool.


The party turned out great. I think everyone had a good time especially Max. Later that night we had Shane's family over for dinner and cake, which was also a lot of fun. Max got to choose what we had for dinenr so it was chicken nuggets of course...

Ethan mowed the lawn for us
We opened presents again

And of course had more cake, it was a lovely day.


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